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SUNSET WEDDINGS: When arranging for a sunset ceremony, remember to allow enough time for the ceremony and sunset photos after your ceremony. Allow at least a full hour of time. Most beach ceremonies are about 15 to 25 minutes. This gives you time to have at least a half hour or more of romantic sunset pictures!
Sunset Guide: Click Here

BEACH WEDDINGS: Beach ceremonies can be so romantic, having the warm aqua water rush in over your barefeet, as you say, "I Do". Remember a few important guidelines about water safety: When first arriving at the beach, note where the waves are breaking and how far up the beach they are coming. There is always an occassional high set of waves, so make allowances for the waves that may come in just a little further than the rest. And most importantly: know whether the tide is coming in or going out. Check the tides here: Tide Chart: Click Here

Carla Jalbert Photography A Beautiful Beginning - Kirk Boes

BEING ON TIME: Arriving to your wedding or vow renewal ceremony on time is so important for you, your wedding guests and your wedding vendors. If you are late, your vendors may not be able to provide you with all of the services for which you have hired them. They may have another wedding scheduled after your ceremony. In other cases, they may charge you additional fees to extend their time. Most vendors' packages are based on a certain time limit, and if you are late, they may not be able to stay overtime in order to provide you with all that you are expecting. If you are having a sunset ceremony, the sun will not wait. You could find yourself having after-ceremony pictures and video taken in the dark. One safeguard is to allow yourself an extra hour, it is better to be early, and they you won't have the added stress of rushing. It is best to visit your wedding location the day before your ceremony, so that you can be sure of your directions. Your coordinator can help you in evaluating how much time it will take to travel to your ceremony location and they will be happy to assist you in all the final details, in order to make your ceremony stress free filled with beautiful memories!

Last Minute Bookings Welcomed - Our Wedding Professionals Can Arrange Your Ceremony Package On Short Notice
Maui's Only All-Inclusive Wedding Professional Roster and Listing!

Hawaii Temperature and Time! Listing all of Maui's finest wedding professionals
Over 600 Maui wedding specialists

Aloha! Maui Wedding Network is a comprehensive listing of all the finest wedding professionals on Maui! Everything that you need for a romantic, tropical ceremony can be found here! Maui has just been voted, for the 17th year in a row, BEST ISLAND IN THE WORLD! by Conde Nast. We have a One-Stop-Shopping Online Request Form - Just one click of the mouse can place your request for wedding information, to all of our Premium Wedding Network Professionals. Our listings are divided into wedding categories. Please browse our pages. We also have helpful hints for a tropical wedding, sunset times, a photo tour and we are always growing! Please bookmark our site as it is growing daily with new features designed to help you have the most incredible wedding on Maui! Most importantly, all of Maui's wedding specialists wish you a most wonderful and happy ceremony in the most romantic, tropical place on earth... Maui, Hawaii!

BEACH PERMITS? --- No Problem! The state of Hawaii has implemented a permit process for beach weddings. These permits are obtained by each wedding company on behalf of their clients. This will cause no inconvenience to our couples having their ceremonies on Maui's beaches. If anything, it is a further layer of protection for our couples, as they can rest assured that only licensed, fully insured wedding professionals will be conducting their romantic Maui beach weddings and vow renewals!

Voted... "BEST ISLAND IN THE WORLD"... 1994-2010
17 Consecutive Years In A Row! - Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

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Click their banners & graphic ads which will jump you to their websites! Our Premium & Platinum Members are Maui's industry leaders, providing excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Checking out the Network's Premium & Platinum Members is a must for wedding couples seeking the ultimate and most professionally performed wedding experience! Simply look for this light blue Premium Member table, or the golden yellow Platinum Member Table on each category page!

Caprice Nicole Photography
DJ Dan - Maui's Most Requested DJ & MC
Hawaiian Royalty Weddings by Rev Laki Ka'ahumanu
SMALL CHILDREN & YOUR CEREMONY... One of the most enjoyable aspects of a Maui beach wedding, is having family and friends join the wedding couple on their most special day. In some cases, they will even have their small children stand with them, or be held by a family member. What some couples might not realize, is how much impact a crying baby or fussing young child has on the ceremony. In most cases, it is not enjoyable for the couple, nor their family. Here is a great solution. Designate a family member or friend to hold or take care of the child. If they begin to cry or fuss, they can be quietly removed from the ceremony area so that they can calm down a bit. This gives the couple and their friends and family, a stress-free experience, in a calm atmosphere, allowing everyone to enjoy and savor every moment.

Sean Michael Hower Photography & Video Maui vow renewals
LUAU & SUNSET CEREMONIES... Please note that a luau almost always starts about an hour or two before sunset. This makes it impossible to have a "sunset" ceremony, and also go to the luau that evening. The optimum sunset wedding experience is to begin your ceremony an hour before sunset, conclude the ceremony in about 15 to 20 minutes, then do after-ceremony photos up to the sun setting over the ocean and if the sky is really turning great colors, you may want to stay for an additional 10 minutes for photos. At this point, the luau has already begun. We suggest one of two things, do the luau the next evening, or... have a morning wedding. There is a third possibility, and that is to begin your ceremony about two hours earlier. We don't really recommend this because, first, it is very hot, you would probably not be comfortable, and two, there are still a lot of sunbathers on the beach, it is hard to have a ceremony with so many people getting in your pictures. By having your ceremony an hour before sunset, usually many of the beach-goers have left for dinner (and luau).

Maui weather forcast
PRIVACY ON MAUI BEACHES... Please note that all sand beaches in Hawaii are mandated to be public, by state law. Even private estates, that front a sand beach, must provide access pathways between their properties in order for the public to have access. As such, there is never a guarantee of privacy on the beach. However, Maui wedding coordinators and consultants know all of the beaches here on Maui, as they are on the beaches every evening for sunset ceremonies... so they know which beaches have less people and what days are best to have your ceremony, to have the best chance of having few people on the beach. Also, most all of Maui's wedding photographers know how to shoot your photos at angles that will not show other people on the beach. Again, this is not guaranteed, however, if you choose your photographer based on their galleries of weddings, you will be able to choose one that knows how to shoot around people in the background, such that you do not see them at all.

BEST TIME FOR BEACH CEREMONY? Maui is a tropical island and between the times of 10am - 3pm, the sun can be very hot. As such, a beach wedding in the middle of day may be too uncomfortable for the wedding couple, family and friends. Ceremony times that are highly recommended by most coordinators are 8-9am for a morning ceremony, and 4-5pm for a sunset ceremony. Keep in mind the sunset ceremony should begin at least an hour before the actual sunset. These morning and evening time frames are perfect for three reasons: 1, the temperature is milder; 2, the colors are more awesome for your pictures; 3, the beach is less crowded with sun bathers. If you decide to have your ceremony at the hot part of the day, it is best to use a beach that has some shade available. Also, make sure to bring plenty of water, so that everyone can be comfortable.

NOTE: The Maui Wedding Network, henceforth referred to as MWN, is a directory meant to represent and be OPEN TO ALL wedding professionals residing and doing business on Maui, Hawaii. MWN is not responsible for any actions or statements by any wedding professionals listed herein. MWN does not endorse any listed wedding professional herein. It is the sole responsibility of each wedding professional to conduct their business in an ethical and professional manner. MWN reserves the right to remove any free listing of any wedding professional at any time. Please note: Vendors may change their links without updating their listing here. This may result in links that are no longer valid. We apologize for invalid links, but we are unable to change links unless the vendors notify us about their updates.